Captivated by a misty morning

First of all I hope you had a beautiful, happy Christmas. Unlike most other countries in the world it's tradition in Holland to celebrate a second day of Christmas for which I'm very happy. Even with two full, joyous days with my family Christmas has passed so soon! But I can't complain, I had a great time. We were pleasantly surprised with beautiful weather. It still was very white outside from the snow that fell last week and there was a lot of sunshine. Perfect weather for nice walks, sleigh rides and of course taking photographs. So we did, except for sleigh rides. (I wished my mum had kept our childhood sleigh... age doesn't matter right;)?). Anyway, I did got happy in the snow! From photographing. Here a few images from the sunrise and mist yesterday morning. How was your Christmas? Was it white?


  1. I looks just gorgeous! Beautiful winter wonderland. Glad you had a wonderful xmas :)

  2. Wow - SO beautiful, your photographs are gorgeous.

  3. Tha last one is as fine as a painting..amazing colors