A glance of Paris #1

Instead of posting my Paris photos from my recent trip all at once, here's a first, bright glance. After all, just like Paris needs more than one day or moment to really take in its beauty, so do captures need to be dosed in order to prevent an overdose of impressions right?

Was your first Summer weekend what you had hoped it to be? Did you happen to celebrate the entering of the new season in Paris? No ;)? Well neither did I. A wonderful imagination to fill the mind with though... If I'd been in Paris last weekend I probably would've sat in a park for hours sucking in happiness and had a late night stroll along the Seine. How about you?

Images © Captivated by Image


Return and a room full of peonies

Hello there after all this time. Oh it feels so good to be back! Forgive me the long radio silence on Captivated by Image. Though not intended it turned out the break from my blog felt very welcome, and what were supposed to be days turned into weeks and eventually into months. It was time for me to do some reflection and gain new rhythm. And now that I have here I am again, doing what I love very much. However my life is a bit busier these days, so I'll be blogging once or twice a week.

Starting this week with images I wish I could show you accompanied with a scent. There ain't a better home fragrance than peonies! Its their scent that makes beautiful gorgeous. The odor that almost unconsciously compels you to look at the flowers again and again, wanting to fill every space of your home with peonies... Does that sound familiar?

I'm looking forward to my revisits on your blogs and wish you a great new week.

Images © Captivated by Image


A small break

You may have already noticed I'm taking a small blogging break, extending it for a couple of more days. See you back soon! Hope you're having a lovely week.

Image via Rue


French kiss

A beautiful image for a beautiful day! This gorgeous capture for Vogue India keeps me dreaming. Its from an editorial called "French kiss", the elegance from these dresses and jackets feels quite French right? I hope you're all enjoying your week and hope to send some sunshine your way.

Image via Asian Models | Vogue India October 2009



Those first warm sun rays

Hello there. Did you enjoy your weekend? I would say Spring has arrived here in Holland, the temperatures keep rising, its stays light longer at night, the sun is warming everything up. We had lunch outside for the first time this year and took Ollie to the beach. He went wild, it was just wonderful to see him running, having so much fun.

Somehow the first warm sun rays not only give Spring vibes but also Summer memories and longings. These beautiful campaign shots and the movie from the Nonoo Spring/Summer collection completely represents those feelings. Being outside, enjoying nature, life, cold drinks, walks (and new clothes)... Its those little moments when time seems to stands still. What is it that you enjoy most in Spring (or Summer?)

Images via Nonoo


Isabel Lopez-Quesada's charming habitat

It's been a while since my last post dedicated to one interior, so I thought it was about time. Let's take a look at Isabel Lopez-Quesda's home in Madrid. It used to be a factory, but she has done a hell of a job at transforming it into a beautiful, elegant family home. What speaks to me most are the fine structures that are to be found in every space. There are too many details to express my attraction for but one of the biggest would be the iron frames from the glass doors and the chairs, both inside and outside. And the graceful antique furniture pieces. The established designer has an astonishing portfolio, if you'd like to see more of her work.
What do you think about her villa?

Images via Architectural Digest