A glance of Paris #1

Instead of posting my Paris photos from my recent trip all at once, here's a first, bright glance. After all, just like Paris needs more than one day or moment to really take in its beauty, so do captures need to be dosed in order to prevent an overdose of impressions right?

Was your first Summer weekend what you had hoped it to be? Did you happen to celebrate the entering of the new season in Paris? No ;)? Well neither did I. A wonderful imagination to fill the mind with though... If I'd been in Paris last weekend I probably would've sat in a park for hours sucking in happiness and had a late night stroll along the Seine. How about you?

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  1. Paris in colour orange looks beautiful! I always consider June as the beginning of summer, but I really wanted to spend as much as I could of the longest day of the year outside, so that's what we did last Thursday: spent the entire evening out, dining al fresco by the lake long into the night. Can't wait for the rest of the Paris photos! xo

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    No, we wouldn't want a Paris overdose, would we?!! hahaha You could have posted every single one and had me beaming, but I'm quite happy with these ;-)

    That top photo ... sigh!

  3. No, but I visit Paris in mind pretty often! :) I spy tulips....lovely!!!

    Have a wonderful week, Christel!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. wow...beautiful photos!!!

  5. Beautiful photos Christel, these are all so bright and lovely! Your trip sounds wonderful. An overdose on Paris could only ever be a good thing! xx

  6. pretty pictures :) hope you had fun in paris :)


  7. Christel, I'm so happy you had such a great time in beautiful Paris! Last w-e I celebrated the arrival of the summer with a great almond & raspberry ice-cream and I hope that tomorrow it will be sunny and warm again...Take care!

  8. Hi Christel, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Paris with us. You're right - if it's coming to Paris and pictures I'm taking hundreds every time. But less is more and that's always a good recipe in showing them in smaller portions to not beating somebody with too much impressions. As the world is so full of pictures and photos these days I really adore to see less in amount for getting a better impact of it. Looking forward to your next postings and shared pictures from your gorgeous collection.
    The first summer weekend wasn't as expected but I'm not feeling unhappy about it at all. Today is a sunny day with lots of warmth and it feels like summer today :) Hope the weather is also beautiful in Netherlands.
    Have a happy & relaxing weekend!!
    Sof x

  9. Oh, lucky you! I love Paris. It's been over 6 years since the last time I was. That's too long! The pics are amazing. I like the warm orange tone that you have captured.
    Christel, we've been in Amsterdam recently and I felt in love with your country. I absolutely admire how Dutch people know to enjoy the life. I posted photos about the trip on my blog.
    Have a nice week. Xxxx

  10. Lovely pics, looking forward to seeing more! Those tulips are amazing!

  11. What a beautiful little collection! Makes me miss Paris even more... Thank you so much for sharing these photos! x

  12. lovely photos :)
    makes me want to go again to Paris !!


  13. Prachtige foto's Christel!! ben benieuwd naar de rest van Parijs!

  14. Hello Christel! Just wanted to pop by to see if there was a new post...I hope everything is fine! Take care, Caterina

  15. These are really beautiful photos – I love the orange/peach theme throughout. Looking forward to more!


  16. Tú tienes un blog muy elegante!

    Me encanta!