Queen's Day

Today it's Queen's Day, a national holiday here in Holland. Traditionally we celebrate the Queen's birthday (originally her mothers). In the entire country a lot of festivities are being organized and lots of people who go there dress in orange, our royal color. I'm not a big fan but I happen to have bought this fabulous scarf at Zara last week, which is very Queen's Day appropriate ;) We're making dinner with friends tonight and perhaps go see the fireworks in our harbor.
Way more on my mind still is Kate's wedding dress, I keep looking at photo's and fragments of the royal wedding. Everything, but most of all she, looked SO impeccable. I can't remember having absolutely no comments on a royal wedding dress before, except not on the Valentino dress our princess Maxima wore. I'm stunned. How about you? And have you seen Kate's second dress for the night? Breathtaking.
Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you!


  1. Have fun! It sounds like a good time. Love the orange nails... I'm thinking Hermes orange! xo

  2. Happy Queen's Day ;-) Had no idea about that day. You'll look fab with that nail polish as well. I'm thinking light blue socks to match those of the national football team ;-)

    Kate's dress was gorgeous and oh my, I remember that Valentino dress!

    We're heading over the borders tomorrow for some Dutch beach dose ;-) Enjoy your weekend.

  3. i didn't know about the Queen's Day. the orange nails look perfect! enjoy

  4. Oh! Orange is my fave color (though I hardly wear it) and I just love the matching nails! Happy Queen's Day!

    I watched the wedding live and fell in love with them all over again. I'm so happy for them..

    Back to Queen's day-- your plans sound lovely.. have a wonderful time!

  5. Happy Queen's Day! The scarf is gorgeous and matched with your nail polish you needn't worry about the rest of the outfit, as the details say it all.
    As I told you in the email I found Kate's dress PERFECT! She looked amazing. I'm with you: I have only words of admiration towards it.
    Hope you have fun tonight! xoxo

  6. Loved her dress... but more importantly, love your nails with the scarf in these photos! You've inspired me to paint my nails tomorrow.

  7. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    Happy Queen's Day! I don't know this day.Your Zara scarf is perfect and your nail polish too. I like so much this colour

    Alex b

  8. I didn't know about this important day. Shame on me! (being half Dutch, too!) Thank you for this post... and that scarf is divine :)