So good looking...

More or less, when something is good looking you just know it. I wouldn't say I'm a messy person. A few personal things like my favorite pair of shoes that also serve as decoration, a teacup, a small box, a soap or a perfume bottle, even my beauty products in the bathroom, they all have it's own spot. After use I always make sure they're back in place. I think its comparable with wanting to place a coffeetablebook right, or giving a frame or painting a little push until it hangs on its original position. 
I love my kitchen table to look less, while I want things to look 'more' on my drawer closet. I don't know why, I just do. The same goes with my outfits. Does that sound familiar?
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  1. I like my things to have their own place and I'm trying to get my children to feel the same, especially about the things in the bathroom ;-)

    My rule is simple: my coffee table and dinner table are clean/organized before I go to sleep.

  2. Love that last picture. Gorgeous skirt!

  3. I'm an organized person. My closet, the kitchen table, my office must always be clean. If my office desk is messy I just can't concentrate and I leave everything I'm working on to clean it up. I confess that sometimes my beauty drawer looks a little like an organized mess, we all have our weaknesses. ;) Could I copy from head to toe that last outfit? It's so my style. :)

  4. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    I'm like Ada, an organized person. Sometimes this is abig problem.

    Great photos

    Alex b

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I like a "full" bathroom counter. It makes me feel so feminine.

  6. so pretty! lovelove that peach skirt!


  7. So beautiful! The handbag and skirt are my most favorite pieces, but I adore that first image. Lovely inspiration...