Finest moments of the day

My finest moments of the day often involve a moment in the kitchen, having a small chat or a cup of coffee. Or having dinner together, most of all. Another fine moment you probably all know very well is taking a few minutes to close your eyes, letting the warmth of the sun make you feel nice and comfortable. Here's a collage as an ode to those moments. May the Summer sun give us lot's of them!
What are your finest moments of the day?
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  1. How lovely! My finest moments often are at the end of the day when I get to sit down and reconnect with J. It often involves a foot massage :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful week, Christel! xoxo

  2. My finest moments of the day? When I wake up early in the morning and the sun is shining, my daily cop of coffee, cooking dinner together, the long chats before we go to sleep. What a lovely post, Christel! xoxo

  3. AnonymousJune 02, 2011

    Lovely post Christel.

    My moments include latte and biscotti or whatever homemade stuff I have. Sitting in caf├ęs reading or just watching people go by. Listening to my kids talking about funny things. Coffee with hubby in the morning before we wake up the kids and those moments when talking perhaps over wine and chocolate. Rays of sun always help.

  4. ooo lala!! Love the pink and greens! I love my cup of coconut cream coffee in the morning! Can't function without it! and I would love to soak up the rays today in the warm sun!!

  5. Beautiful image and thoughts! I am just enjoying eating breakfast and lunch every day outside! It's soooo nice--I love this time of year!

    p.s. I have been lusting over that pink smeg forever!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. so lovely! mine include those early morning minutes when the boy is sleepy and snuggly and my morning cup of coffee..


  7. Oh, I also love enjoy little things and moments. I like your collage. It conveys very well warmth. I adore to arrive at home after a busy day and lie on my chaise longue to watch a dvd, while I take a cup of tea. The moment becomes wonderful if I have some chocolate cookies...mmmmm

  8. first coffee alone in the kitchen in the morning, a simple touch from him i love, loughter and hugs, lots of hugs with my kids. looking at the sea...

  9. hi there, over from Latte Lisa's place.

    my finest moments are any that include solitude and silence, or hugs and kisses.

  10. Hello,

    Oh this sounds so familiar... I enjoy early, early mornings best of all, 6:30am, when the sun is starting to warm the earth and the birds are out and about. With a hot coffee in hand, I enjoy the morning... I sit in the kitchen nook, which is a large eating area, surrounded by windows. I almost feel like I'm in the garden... surrounded by trees and gorgeous garden beds. (perfect when it's cold out)

    It's bliss.