A chic summer girl

Hi, it's María from EclecChic and I am honored to be the guest for posting today. This is the first time I do it so I am especially excited about that. I have designed it with all my love to my dear blog friend Christel who is lucky to be enjoying a well deserved holiday. She is the author of Captivated by Image, a blog that I follow with passion from the beginning for being an example of style and beauty. Christel is always chic in her daily posts so she could not be less when choosing her holiday destination: The wonderful Côte d'Azur!
On holiday or not I am thinking some simple suggestions to make our lives more chic. Why don't you? As such, do not miss to put flowers on your desk; hang a contemporary artwork on your wall (have you tried to do it yourself?); tie that vintage scarf like a turban to protect from the sun - and wear a retro swimsuit like the 50's celebrities! -; get a piece of design furniture in your living room (imitations are cheaper) - what about this Barcelona chair? -; and certainly do not forget a touch of color extra acid in your life to raise your mood. I leave the door open to your suggestions ... What about them?

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue (1), Isabel López-Quesada (2), Michael Graydon Pictures (3), Santa Eulalia (4 & 6), Uterqüe (5)


  1. I wish I could pull off a turban for such a chic beach look like that one, María. Lovely suggestions! A beautiful artwork on the wall can change the entire room, as simple as it may be. :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    Beautiful selection of images María. That turban looks so good, wondering if I could pull it off ;-) But no imitation for me, haha, if I'm buying the Barcelona chair I'm buying the real thing ;-)

  3. How incredibly chic! I've always wanted a Barcelona chair. Thanks for such a gorgeous post, Maria!

  4. Gorgeous post Maria! I love the idea of tying your a vintage scarf - thank you for the lovely inspiration! xx

  5. I've been wanting a Barcelona chair forever! This yellow is kind of blowing me away! Great post.