Loving Lara Melchior's closet

This 25 year-old lady not only lives in Paris and makes beautiful, unique jewelry, she also has a lot of covetable items in her closet and clearly has a gorgeous, serene living space. I was very much drawn to her simple, chic look with lots of dark blue. Her shoes looks so comfortable and pretty. I'd want all of it to be part of my wardrobe...

I've been a bit more absent here then I actually want to lately, which I'm afraid is not going to change soon since the moving preparations and my final studying semester are both starting. But I hope to and look forward to squeeze in time to visit your blogs and come up with some lovely posts here as well. Its just going to be a little less for a while.

Images: Vogue.fr


  1. I love all the blue and the unique jewelry. A lovely place she's got. Good luck with the moving and everything. You'll be a busy bee. xoxo

  2. I like her place and style, and as you already know my soft spot for blue is very soft! ;-)

    Finish that paper girl and come back to us full-time!

  3. Wow I'm swooning! Her place is fabulous and what a gorgeous collection of bags! So dreamy.

    Good luck preparing for the move, Christel! xoxo

  4. LOVE her place, hard to believe she could have such a sophisticated eye at this age. And I wouldn't worry about having to take time off--sometimes life takes over and blogging has to take a backseat.

    xoxo Mary Jo

  5. Thank you for discovering and sharing it! I love that style: cool, simple and absolutely chic. I'd also want all of it to be part of my wardrobe. :-)) Hope you have a great moving and study beginning, we will be awaiting for your return. Xxx...

  6. Lovely jewellery... and she has a peacock in her apartment!

  7. this post is exquisite <3 wonderful work, i am a new follower!
    Lauren Christine
    Golden White D├ęcor

  8. Love her heavenly chic handbag collection. Simple and edited. Pitch perfect.