Good morning! Was your weekend maybe as chilly as mine, with temperatures way below zero and everything outside dipped in layers of snow? We're having our fair share of Winter clearly. I'm happy to enjoy it though. All packed up in warm clothes, going outside for a couple of walks, feeling the freezes and the sun on my face at once, having my lip balm as a continuous companion. The rest of the weekend was very lazy, exactly as I'd hoped for. Lazy on the couch, planning a trip, sitting in front of the fireplace. All this cocooning must get us ready for an outburst of Spring, I'm sure. Would've loved to take some early morning snow photo's, but that didn't happen. Did you had the chance to do so? Or wasn't there any need to perhaps?

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  1. You sure do make chilly look pretty, Christel! Stay warm, sweetie :) xoxo

  2. What a beautiful collage.

    I think you and I have been enjoying the same cold weather. As you know, I did take my camera to the park but I have to say that it feels nicer to stay indoors.

    Here is to lip balms and rich creams ... and early spring!

  3. Only now, when I was reading your post, did I realize that I haven't taken any snow photos this winter. Maybe I should, there is a sea of white worth capturing. Wishing you a great week, Christel! And enjoy the snow. :)

  4. awwww, this is so cute and I am so much craving for spring... :)

  5. So nice to find you! I'm going to love your blog!

  6. I loved the snow last weekend! So beautiful and magicall. My dog adores it, too and can spend hours outside playing and digging and doing all sorts of silly things. :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy to find yours - I saw your sweet dog and decided to follow straight away - am such a dog person it's like a disease. :D
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  7. lovely images... have a great week!

  8. In Brussels is freezing and the place I like to see the snow falling tucked under a warm blanket on my sofa...which is what I did last week-end while blogging and eating home-made cookies (my idea of perfect w-e during cold months)! Christel, you have such a nice blog!

  9. Oh for me snow is more to be enjoyed in a nice chalet with a cup of hot cocoa ;)

    (unless skiing in full gear of course haha)



  10. So cozy sounding, Christel! Love weekends like that. I've been galavanting around on road trips with my hubby for the last two weekends (last weekend in Chicago, this weekend in Columbus OH) and so now I feel like I NEED a weekend just like that, lying by the fire! No such luck, as my schedule is jam-packed with work too, which I'm very thankful for. Such beautiful images ~ they say frosty winter so well!! Thank you, lovely, for your sweet comments always. Have a wonderful week! xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  11. Lovely collage! My weekend was nowhere near as cold as yours but I think an outburst of Spring would indeed be nice!

  12. wow, the way you put these images together is incredible. big hug