Gesture of love

I'm a romantic. But not so much a Valentine's romantic. Today I did got a little swept away by all the Valentine's love on so many blogs, its wonderful to see people embracing the gesture of love so much. Personally I like a gesture of love more when its least expected. For example when a man goes down on one knee;) However if all goes well he can only do that once, so it may not be the right example. But because its something still so fresh in my head today I can't stop thinking about the fact that I'm getting married. So the photos of my engagement ring above represent my current romantic mood.

I hope you have a beautiful day and wish you all the romance you'd like. More importantly I wish you the gift of appreciating love every day and embracing it on many unexpected moments...

Images © Captivated by Image


  1. Christel, I think this is the most beautiful Valentine's post I've seen today.
    The ring on the tulip is perfection ... and very Netherland-ish ;-)

  2. With the risk of repeating what Lisa said, this is the most romantic post I've seen today. The photos are unique and so beautiful and your last phrase describes so well my own thoughts. Wishing you a very romantic evening, Christel! xoxo

  3. Lovely sentiments Christel! I agree with you about a gesture of love being more meaningful when it's least expected. Here's to appreciating love every day!

  4. that ring is totally totally *gorgeous*

  5. beautiful! actually simple is beautiful1

    hug to you, Christel

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos! And lovely, lovely words. Did I miss saying Congratulations to you? What wonderful news! Looking forward to following the journey. – g