Paris au printemps

Its booked. When the flowers have popped out of the ground, when the trees are back to their fresh greens, when the people start living outside again, when the birds sing their loudest and when the sun enlightens us longer with warmer temperatures Paris is awaiting my visit ;) Thanks to Ada from Classiq and Lisa from LatteLisa I've put two more places to visit on my list: the bookstore Comptoir de l'image and the exhibition Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs.
The Sac Gigi from Yvonne Yvonne has been on my wishlist for very long so I'm certainly going to the boutique on Rue Etienne Marcel, where it apparently is good shopping. I'm also looking forward to spent a few hours in the park, preferably in Jardin du Luxembourg and a lunch at Laduree is something I expect my fiancé to enjoy despite the heavy romantic pinks and greens. Don't you think;)? I'll share the rest of my plans in a later stage. Do you have any nearby trips on your agenda?

Last but not least my favorite question since blogging makes worldwide sharing possible: do you have any other great Paris' tips or experiences you'd like to share? Hidden streets or squares, delicious coffee shops, wonderful restaurants, cute boutiques or anything else worth visiting, I can't wait to hear about them...

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Spring 2010


  1. Oh, you lucky girl. I do have 2 suggestions. There is an amazing lingerie store (perfect for visiting with fiances), it's tiny but known to be visited by Madonna, Gwyneth, etc...It's called Sabbia Rosa and it's on the left bank. It smells divine and they have rows of every colored chemises, which can be worn as a nightgown, a slip or as they woman explained, in Paris they wear them as a dress with a little cardigan. They are not inexpensive, but mine have held up beautifully and are cut to perfection.

    Also....I think the garden at the Rodin Museum is just divine. You can see the Eiffel Tower in the background and the roses, sculpture are not to be missed.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. You must go to the pizza house and cocktail bar called Grazie in The Marais, along with the concept store Merci!

  3. oh, that sounds wonderful! Paris is definitely on my bucket-list asap!

  4. Paris in the Springtime will be just lovely! I found this charming district called La Butte aux Cailles in the 13th arrondissement the last time I was there that had all these cute cafes and restaurants.

    I'm in the midst of looking into a short island escape for next month.

  5. How exciting! So glad you've booked your trip, you're inspiring me!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Oh my, this post makes my Paris obsessed heart so freaking happy, haha. And the comments too, such wonderful tips.

    I can't wait to read all about your trip when you get back and view more gorgeous photos. And in the autumn it'll be my turn ;-)

  7. How exciting, Christel! Oh, I can't wait to hear your thoughts and see photos. I'm looking forward to an escape myself after this horrible winter, but haven't decided on a destination yet. xo

  8. Oh how fantastic! I am also going to try to escape for a weekend from London, but at this rate it might be more towards the early summer! Unfortunately I do not know Paris enough to answer your questions. My only must-go place every time is to the Magasin Sennelier on Quai Voltaire- they have the most amazing sketchbooks (Lagerfeld gets his from them they claim and Degas used to buy his pastels from them). A really wonderful art shop.

  9. Oh you are so lucky and going to love being in Paris (and most likely fall in love with it). :) I don't really know any particular places to visit because I tend to spend most of my time either in museums or walking, but I do make sure to visit Montmartre, walk, browse and stop in one of the little cafes to have my almonds and honey crepes and coffee and I love love love having a long dreamy walk from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame. Also do pop into Serge Lutens at Shiseido for a special perfume, they are so so so unique and you can have it in a beautiful bottle that are not available in other shops.


  10. Oh we are so on the same page, Christel! Lucky you that you get to go! I'm hoping to get back there soon :) xoxo

  11. How fantastic, christel!
    Check out my favorite shop in Paris=
    this place is always very well curated~

  12. Sounds like a great planning! I love Paris and I try to go there as much as I can (with the Thalys it's just 1h20 from Brux). I wrote a post about a recent trip there and I hope you'll find it useful: http://notjustaprettydress.blogspot.com/2011/09/paris-mon-amour.html