Colored loft happiness

If I could give this last week a theme it would be "rich with color" since looking back at my previous posts this apparently has been my biggest inspiration. Well, a little colored happiness is only good right. So here some more on this sunny, cold Saturday. This loft has got me smitten with its incredible, blissful interior. It is designed by Sabrina Linn and photographed by Michael Graydon, who both deliver stunning work. The moodboard wall below is such an inspiration! Would love to make (and have) something like that and you? Hope you have a great weekend!
Images: Sabrina Linn


  1. keep those colours coming girl ... I love them ;-)

  2. I would love a moodboard like that, bright colors always inspire me. I may not wear them so often, but they surely lift my spirits. :)

  3. gorgeous! i especially love the purposefully messy bulletin/idea board.


  4. Beautiful photos! I love the moodboards and the colors!

  5. Okay, I'm a little late on the comment wagon with this one, but I can't get
    Over how great that inspiration/image board is! I want that! If the image files from my laptop was thrown at a wall and it stuck, that's what it would look like! Don't you just miss the old days of real clippings/ images! Love these, you always have the best inspiration!
    Also, thanks so much for your comment on my painting!! Made my day!

    Xo Jessica Rae