A ladies post

I'll warn you this is going to be a ladies post ;) you see, after hours of sorting out stuff, reorganizing things to make them ready for the move and packing the first moving boxes two of my nails broke. Even worse is that I had to cut short the others ones as well... So to feel a little feminine again today, I just had to share these gorgeous, soft lighted captures, which personally I think prove why women like to dress up. Seductive cat-eyes, soft pink lips, big hair and glamorous jewelry immediately attracts the eye. Not only for the evening, no it works just as well with a working wardrobe. Model Stephanie Rad might look like Barbie, but ten times more elegant. A minor remark is the overdose of statement jewelry pieces, less of those would've done the job perfectly. 

Somehow this editorial made me think of Betty Draper from Mad Men. And speaking of that show here's something fun: if you'd like to channel your 'inner Betty or Joan' go to Banana Republic. The fashion brand has recently launched a fabulous collection inspired by this much-discussed television show.

Images: John Akehurst (Photographer) & visual optimism


  1. I adore these shots. The first is my favorite. I wish I was that good with makeup...

  2. I love the lady look, i wish it works for me, it makes me look so much older. So georgeously elegant. I love Mad Men style as well!

  3. The last photo is my favourite: those glasses are gorgeous (says someone who should wear glasses, but doesn't, ha ha). I'm with you on the less jewelry part. I'm a big fan of Banana Republic, it's my favourite high street fashion brand along with Massimo Dutti, so I guess this collaboration should be at least interesting. xo
    ps: good luck with all the packing and moving

  4. Oh these are so very fem! I love it! Sorry you had a tough time with the move. I always break nails and cut myself while packing too.... Hope these brought you back to a pretty place, sweetie! xoxo

  5. Beautiful! Love that second photo...divine!

  6. love this feminine style is so glamouros...Thanks because you inspire my outfit today

    Alex b

  7. Yeah, nails and moving don't really go hand in hand. But I also think that shorter nails are prettier ;-)

    I'm with Ada, I remember those glasses, they were the first thing I noticed when I saw these photos. I could never pull of glasses like that, I look horrible with that cat shape. And I'm with you on the jewellery, I think they went a little over the top with those in this particular editorial. My rule is less is more ;-)

  8. :) I don't know about being more elegant than good ol barb but nice:)

  9. Her gorgeous coloring with those shades of nude and blush is just stunning! And thanks for the Banana Republic tip, I will have to check that out!

    xo Mary Jo