Late Summer delight

Today I'm guest posting at Maria's stunning blog ElecChic. I made her something very colorful to celebrate the final days of Summer with as she is on vacation right now, dipping her toes in the sand from Ibiza, enjoying good food and a free spirit. 

Staying in the same ambiance here but with a little twist in the (non) use of colors, I wanted to share this breathtaking editorial, shot by Alex Lubomirski. Look at the silk scarves tied around the hair, the supple, wide and high waisted pants, the pearl necklaces and the black and white contrast... I felt like it was a very delightful way to say goodbye to Summer with this supreme level of chicness and elegance. The capture with the light shining through the leafs is my favorite, so stunning.. What is yours?

Images: Alex Lubomirski - Vogue Germany 2009 - Lartigue


  1. the second photo is my favourite if I block out the nails ... beautiful, love the silk scarves!

  2. I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this editorial. How chic, how stylish, how glamorous! Thank you for sharing this, Christel. What a beautiful way to say goodbye to summer. xoxo

  3. So gorgeous Christel, and sort of sad too. I really love the top image and the very last one too.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Thanks for sharing, these shots are great! I love the 1st, 3rd and 5th particularly! Gorgeous.

  5. A beautiful look... these pictures have such a serene and glamorous atmosphere. Lovely choice!


  6. Gorgeous!! Feels so 1930s and reminds me of Chanel!

    xoxo Elizabeth