A blogging break for moving and studying

First let me start by saying sorry for my absence, I know this blog and all of yours have not gotten the deserved attention from me. As you might already know, not long from now we are moving to a new home. Next week we'll get the key and from that moment all goes into speed mode I guess. Not only all the work on the house and the move will keep me occupied, I also have to study for my final semester. And notice that I really want it to be the 'final' one, so that means hard work ;)

I have a mantra that says (it sounds so much better in Dutch): 'I do it good or I do nothing'. I don't like to do things halfway, lacking effort. The same goes for blogging, I'd rather do it with all my effort and without limitations instead of doing it shortage. Since my discipline and attention is needed elsewhere very badly there's big reason for me to take a break from blogging, at least for the next two months. One can't want and do it all, right? Hopefully this time off will feel like only a second. I can't wait to return to this dear blogging community, being inspired by all of you and sharing my own experiences, creativity and ideas! Starting with captures from our Frenchie which, if all goes well, we're expecting in November. 

Take care, enjoy the gorgeous days of Fall and I'll see you back in November!

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  1. Enjoy your blog break and best of luck with the moving-in and finishing your studies. Already looking forward to your return to blogosphere :-)

  2. Christel, I will miss you! Good luck with the moving and studying and I'm looking forward to your beautiful posts. xoxo

  3. Hi lovely. I know exactly how you feel. In August, I started packing home AND studio to move and it was just overwhelming so took time away from blog as well and was so glad I did. I'll be back with the new Fall Season of the Blog on September 26 and am easing my way more into twitter as well ... it takes time to get settled!! Best wishes with the move ~ Sandy

  4. Gook luck with your new projects!

    I'll miss your post!

    Alex b

  5. Keep calm and carry on...:-)
    All will go good and you will be the final one on your studies. i will be awaiting your fabulous news and posts! have a great final semester and a home moving full of inspiration and gorgeous ideas. beautiful images. Kisses from Lugano.
    Ps: Christel, do not worry for replying my e-mail.

  6. Good luck with it all, Christel! Enjoy your fall and I look forward to hearing from you in a few months! We'll be here when you're ready! xoxo

  7. Best of luck with the move and all your new endeavors. Enjoy your blogging break and time off. I can't wait to hear all about your new frenchie!! How exciting. I'll be waiting for your return. take care doll

  8. nice blog,i follow!pls follow back!

  9. Christel,
    I understand, now, more than ever...how you can't do 2 demanding things at once. And blogging definitely takes effort. Focus on your move and studies and we'll all still be here. In a way...I think it's like the American soap opera. You can miss the show for months and in 1 day...you're all caught up.

    Sending you hugs and love!!!!

  10. Enjoy your blog break Christel! Good luck with everything!

  11. Hi sweetie ... just stopped by to say I hope you're enjoying your time off. Mine was very fruitful and necessary with moving home and studio but I'm back as of this week with the Fall Season Premiere of the blog. Hope you're finding some time to enjoy fall and can't wait to have you back! xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  12. Have a great break and come back to the blog world soon :)