2012 starts exciting:

1. First of all with the great feeling to be back in blog land as of today!;
2. Second with a new blog design in honor of Captivated by Image turning 1 (Oct 18'th '11);
3. Third with great news: I’m getting married;
4. Fourth by growing more fond of my own dearest Frenchie every single day;
5. And finally by continuing being happy in our new home.

I hope your year is off to a great start as well and I wish you much health, love, laughter and happiness.

As promised my return is accompanied by captures from Ollie, my French Bulldog puppy. A short description of the handsome guy: incredibly sweet, hilariously stubborn, very naughty and oh so irresistible. I’m pretty sure you’ll see more of him in the future. The past couple of months have been crazy busy. It took me a while but now that everything has turned back to normal I'm ready to start blogging again fresh. Looking forward to your visits and visiting you!

Images © Captivated by Image


  1. How great to have to you back in blogosphere, yay! I've been waiting for this moment, as you already know.

    Your new blog design is beautiful, very chic and very you. And Ollie the prince is of course adorable ;-)

    Welcome back!

  2. Oh Christel, I'm so happy to have you back! Happy New Year to you! And congrats on getting engaged! That's so exciting.

    Ollie is absolutely adorable and I love your new look. As Lisa said, it's so chic and so you :)


  3. Welcome back, dear Christel! Oh I missed you and your posts. The blog design is beautiful! Ollie is simply adorable. :)
    Happy New Year! I wish you a wonderful 2012, filled with health, happiness, endless special moments and everything you wish for! xo

  4. Hi Christel! It's great to see you back! I am loving all your great news! Welcome back and Happy New Year! =)

  5. Wellcome Christel!! I'm happy you are back. I've tried to visit you in the last weeks but blogger said that i haven't got the permission... Seems that all goes well now...:-)
    First of all happy New Year and my best whishes for this 2012. Wow, you have fabulous news to share and i'm happy that wonderful things are happening in your life. Congratulations!
    Hope to get less busy and email you soon.

    I love the new look of your blog, always chic!

    PS: Ollie is irresistible!!

  6. omg ollie is SO cute!!! and CONGRATS on the engagement! how did i miss this??

  7. Welcome back & happy new year! Isabelle

  8. Welcome BACK!
    Big congratulation on your engagement~
    ps: these pics of Frenchie made me smile ear 2 ear as well!

  9. Welcome back Christel! Love the new look of your blog and your dog is utterly adorable! Definitely show more pics of Ollie on the blog! xx

  10. Happy 2012! Congratulations on your engagement! Ollie is just beautiful! A good friend of mine has a Frenchie named Willie. They are the sweetest dogs :)

  11. I'm so glad you've had a wonderful year! I wish you an even better 2012. How could it not be with this little guy! How adorable!

    Happy New year, love your newest follower,

    Girl about Town XxX

  12. Congrats on your engagement!!!!

    Happy New Year!

  13. It's great you're back. I missed you so much.
    And of course - congrats on your engagement :)