Discovering the best of neutrals in Paris

Today I'm showing you one of the incredible works of Jean Louis Deniot. He describes his work to be 'eclectic chic and serene'. With a delicate eye and hand he creates balanced designs in which everything is coordinated with the finest precision. The quality of the materials, lighting and the history of objects are very important to him. He likes to refer to the past, the modern contemporary is not for him. His love for natural colors is well visible in this gorgeous Paris apartment where I discover beautiful details every time I look at the images. The design of Paris' interiors can be quite heavy, however this apartment is far from being so. I feel very comfortable about neutrals, so I instantly fell for it. But it may be no surprise to you that I'm very much drawn to color as well. I'm curious: how do you like this beautiful, natural and calm design? If you like it then you should take a nice long look at Jean Louis gorgeous portfolio.

Fun fact: he never uses white walls in his designs.

 Images and design by Jean Louis Deniot | Paris - Universit√©
Discovered via Full House


  1. This is just fabulous! So elegant but still cozy. I love it :) And I also invite you to step on by on my blog :) Best regards, Joanna

  2. He may not use white walls in his designs, but he sure knows how to use the softest shade for the most elegant look. These interiors are so calming and really beautiful. xo