A long Fall

I don't know if you're already sick of the cold or are having enough of snow, but our winter here in Holland starts like Fall. At the beginning of Fall we had Summer days and it seems to be the same story for Fall/Winter. So, I'm still wearing my orange, green, grey and camel hues, most of my warmest knits are still folded up (I may not complain) and I'm not even close to thinking about a Spring wardrobe. How about you? I think that's why I'm still so drawn to these absolutely gorgeous Fall/Winter catalogue shots for BDBA. The blouses, the tweed jackets, the beautiful orange hat and then the locations and light... Yes they've done a great job there. You can find more campaign captures and a behind the scenes video on their website.

Images via BDBA


  1. Oh Christel, these are just gorgeous! And so funny, I've been searching for lovely fur photos for 2 days now and these are the most gorgeous ones I've seen! So inspiring!

    As for me, I'm definitely not thinking of Spring clothes anytime soon. I'm enjoying all of the luxuries of a fall/winter wardrobe :)

  2. Christel, this is a gorgeous campaign! I love absolutely everything! The faux fur vests, the hat, the tweeds, the scalloped details and that beautiful coat (something between trench and parka, two of my favourite wardrobe items) in the 2nd photo.

    We haven't had much of a winter either, but I'm not complaining. I wished for snow in December, but now...not so much. xo

  3. Fantastic pictures, an aura of dark beauty in a classic/city chic way...great shots! I just happened upon your blog today and I think it is fantastic, so happy I found your site! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!
    Twirling Clare

  4. so gorgeous! i love the tweed and scalloped shorts. xo

  5. I agree. I especially love the tweedy jackets and those scalloped hem shorts are gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, adore the scalloped hem on the shorts~ admire the messy hairstyle as well!

  7. It is the same thing here in London. It has been incredibly mild and I have def not been following winter etiquette. Wish there was more room to wear fur and hats though...

  8. great images... we don't get snow here but it does get really hot most of the year

  9. Is there a woman that doesn't love furs? Amazing post!