The most genius botanical photographer

There are almost no words to describe the beauty of the work from photographer Ron van Dongen. These are just a couple of examples of his most beloved, respected portraits of flowers. He rules vibrant, heavenly, passionate color-works, but he truly masters the black and white, his original excellence. I have never seen flowers to be so intriguing, delicate and impressive without their distinctive colors, do you? However, his colored flora captivated me so deeply as well that it took ages before I could decide which ones to post... Would love to know which works attracts you more, the colored or black and white ones?

Hope you had a great weekend and I wish you a pleasant new week.

Images © Ron van Dongen


  1. Wow! Stunning pictures!! And i prefer black and white by far..

  2. Wow Christel these are just stunning! Thank you for starting my Monday off just right :) xoxo

  3. definitely the b&w

    beautiful work!

    the last photo is my favourite, so pretty pretty pretty ... I can easily picture it framed on my wall

  4. Always the black and white. It emphasizes the natural beauty. These are gorgeous! Have a wonderful week, Christel! xo

  5. First off, WELCOME BACK!!!! I've missed you and am so glad that you returned to blogland. I was hoping you would.

    Next, Congratulations on getting engaged. Am SO happy for you!!! You'll have to share as the plans come together.

    Finally, love the new look of the blog and these gorgeous floral photographs.

    Happy New Year - looks like you're off to an amazing start!
    xoxo Ellizabeth

  6. So good to have you back Christel! I love both the color and the black and white and may choose one or the other depending upon the individual piece and where I planned to display it. I guess it could be said that you notice more of the details of the flower when viewing in black and white, as you're not distracted by the vibrancy of the color, but they're both stunners! Thanks for stopping by Ooh La Frou Frou ~ thrilled to have you back and hope everything went well with your studies! ;)

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  7. It's hard, I go back and forth between vibrant color and black and white. Right now I'm in a major color phase, but I'm sure by fall I will be back to the darks...just can't keep my mind off the brights right now. Happy Monday lovely!
    xo Mary Jo

  8. Such lovely visual delights, Christel!

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous! For me it depends on the type of flowers and the details when deciding between color and black and white.

  10. I am beyond surprised to see every details and forms of the flowers in black & white photo. I say, I love colored and black and white photos! They both have different subjects. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

  11. You nailed it.... genius indeed!! Beautiful. xo