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A sneak peek into my home office. The bloggers cave;) It's not finished yet, it needs a few more touches of pastel via pillows on the couch and some more wall art but it already feels very clean and comfortable. Even on dark and cold days, like the way it is currently, I'm happy to sit here, browsing, searching for inspiration or just to relax with a magazine, burning scented candles. A few ideas I've seen so far that I take inspiration from or want to have are:

- A Silverridgestudio watercolor painting
- This print from Darren Hopes
- This Paris illustration from The love shop
- A photo collage with pastel colors
- A piece of selfmade art, simple with dots

Do you have any other fabulous, inspiring suggestions for the decorating part of a home office?
And of course I would love to know your favorite place to sit down for a blogging session...

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  1. I wish I could keep mine so uncluttered! It starts off that way and seriously gets covered in paperwork!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Your home office is really coming together, nice to see photos. I love clutter free spaces so this appeals to me ;-)

    You know me by now, I'm always way too comfortable on my chaise lounge ;-)

  3. Oh I love this little peek into your work space :) It looks organized and serene. I like your Fifi Lapin prints! I have one of her with Sonny Hare hanging by by desk. I share a space with my husband. He's a PC and I'm a Mac :)

  4. Very peaceful space Christel, always adore a table with a window view!
    You're a fan of glossy magazines i see, same here!

  5. I love your little space Christel; it looks like the perfect place to be inspired with all of your magazines and artwork surrounding you. I love your ideas for adding more prints and can't wait to see how it looks! My workspace is a work in progress too; I'm always getting new ideas for what I could do to make it sparkle :) xx

  6. Your office is beautiful, Christel! So incredibly inspiring :) xoxo

  7. Looks really nice and cosy!
    No, my boys aren´t twins (2 years and 3 months apart) but the younger one is pretty tall for his age. :-)

  8. I love how your home office is shaping up, Christel. Uncluttered and simple. My favourite place for blogging is my home office too. xo

  9. It's absolutely lovely! I could really get some work done in a soothing and gorgeous place like that...but most likely I would end up taking a nap or something (c:

  10. Oh wow! I admire your working space so much!

    I will be moving soon and will definitely be looking towards separating my blogging and artist/sewing space (might help to not have my MacBook covered in pastel dust!)

  11. Love seeing a peek into your world. It's interesting to see the personal side of bloggers. I do have a cute little office space but for the most part I curl up on the coach with my little dog next to me or use the widescreen computer in the downstairs office. xo

  12. Christel,
    I love seeing your special blogging place!!! And that single white tulip - perfection!!!

    We are having the mildest winter, though I love the scarves you showed today.....6 more weeks of winter, so things could change!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Your blogging space is lovely! (I really, really enjoy the gorgeous lamp) It is always fun to see where bloggers work away...

    As for my own space, which is under renovation at the moment, I seek clean areas but still points of interest. We have a display ledge, which sometimes holds magazines, open, and sometimes just framed pieces... we also really enjoy lamps, candles, chandeliers, even a few antiques mixed with the modern necessities. And always, always a chair for the dog :)