The French and beautiful basics

While drinking my second cup of coffee, tidying my scarf and rubbing my hands to feel warm all I can think of are warm clothes. Can't help but let the freezing cold set my mind. Remember I told you a few weeks ago we barely had winter weather? I should take that back now... Inspired by the beautiful basic collection of the French brand Les Composantes I'm imagining how fabulous it would be to wear a thick dark red wool scarf. And a turban to make things look more chic. Or these beautiful bordeaux red, high heeled boots with tassels. And if they couldn't have any more beautiful products I would be heaven with these this bag in camel or dark blue leather.  What is it with the French and beautiful basics...
So, are you beating the cold these days too or is the worst already over?

Images © Les Composantes


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I want those boots, (although they would probably sit in my closet... I'm always in flats... a bit of a klutz, I'm afraid). Hate the cold. Ready for Spring! ox

  2. Such a stunning collection; I adore the beautiful red bags and that last suede satchel is so lovely xx

  3. Love these pics!!! thanks for your comment!!! xoxo


  4. Oh my, I think I have to read this post again because the images with these gorgeous colours didn't leave my mind while reading the text.

    Okay, I've read it again. I have no idea how the French do it. These people simply have a gift. Don't get me started on this cold, it's almost depressing. But luckily the sun is shining which makes it all better, and I've got biscotti in the oven.

    I have one questions: Why are these bags not mine? Why Christel, why?

    PS. I still haven't finished those emails. Hang it there, you'll receive them one day!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Christel! And oh so chic! I bought a turban myself this year but have only had the chance to wear it once.

    Stay warm, sweetie! xoxo

  6. The French have somehow become synonymous with chic beautiful products. I so covet that turban and those boots. We've been fortunate to get a break from the cold and I'm not complaining.

    I love our workspace parallels by the way :)

  7. those are beautiful... love the colors!

  8. Gorgeous accessories/bags--just love beautiful basics!

    xo mary jo

  9. The red bag in the last image is gorgeous, love the pop of colour. And I have that turban photo saved too. Beautiful accessories! xo

  10. I adore the whole aesthetic of this post - the turban looks so chic

  11. Beautiful pieces! I am still bundled up, even indoors, (perhaps from sitting and working on the computer, though) but I think the snow and such is over... it has been so sunny out lately!