Happy start of the weekend

Good morning! I bet you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I do. I can't wait to buy fresh flowers, spent time with my loved ones and cook dinner for two of my oldest friends. What are your plans?

Today Ada from Classiq did a feature about me in 'Chic Files', her regular series with questions about interesting fashion and personal style facts. It felt amusing and even a bit hard to consider those things about myself, since your own personal style grows on you so naturally. But I was thrilled to do so, for Ada is such a sweet and stylish person and her blog is an unmissable daily stop for the most exquisite sights on fashion, films, books and more.

I wish you a happy start of the weekend, may it be filled with things as good as these flowers;)

Image via Mowielicious


  1. I just read it and loved it. I especially liked the look in the last photo, very elegant.

    How gorgeous is that Mowielicious photo? Makes me want to run to the florist and get me some of that.

    Enjoy your weekend Christel. We don't have any plans but I'm pretty sure we'll take a drive somewhere within Belgium.

  2. This photo is so beautiful! I can feel the spring. :)
    Thank you for the lovely words, Christel. It was my pleasure to feature you. I hope you have a wonderful and sunny weekend! xo

  3. This flower photo is like a breath of fresh spring air! Thank you! Have a lovely weekend Christel! Going to check out Ada's feature on you now.

  4. Gefeliciteerd dat je gefeatured bent! Fijn weekend!


  5. Gorgeous image Christel! I loved reading about you on Ada's blog--and getting to see your photo! You are quite stylish and beautiful {of course}! Have a great weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Beautiful shot Christel and so fitting for spring! Your post on Classiq was wonderful; I loved getting to know you better and your style is of course, fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  7. beautiful! so enjoyed your images and interview on Ada,a blog, Christel

    big hug

  8. I really loved the interview and photos of you! You are so beautiful...
    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous image - it makes a perfect visual addition to my weekend.
    Hope you are enjoying yours, darling!

  9. Ah yes I adore flowers as well (love going to the Victoria flower market here in London on Sundays to pick up some fresh ones).

    I'll go check out your 'interview' now! Hope you have a wonderful week xx

  10. Hi sweet Christel! It was in my plan to pop over to Ada's at Classiq today so I'll look forward to learning a little more about your style in that post! What a treat! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend planned ~ hope it was as wonderful as mine was!! I love cooking for friends too ... there's just something wonderful about creating deliciousness for the ones we love.

    Thanks for stopping by, love ... your Valentino and Lanvin would have been stunning on Aimee as well!!!! (I've thought many times since about that fabulous dress with the bows on the shoulders!) Have a wonderful week! ~xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  11. Such a gorgeous photo! I did indeed visit Ada to read your post which I LOVED! You have such classic taste and you are gorgeous!


    p. s. just saw your comment on my latest. :)