Spend it well on a Dior suite

Ok, where to start... First Paris' influence seems to be surrounding me more and more these days, for example with this Dior suite that I can't stop swooning over (Dior is French, the suite however belongs to the St. Regis Hotel in New York). It's almost too beautiful to put into words, but that of course is Dior. If you're lucky and can spend a couple of thousand dollars a night you can actually sleep in it. I, however, am a very lucky girl today to have won the limited edition 'Paris Party' print from Ooh La Frou Frou, in which the Frou Frou girls are enjoying a glamorous night in a Paris' apartment. Isn't it too adorable? I already see it as a reminder of Sandy's talented, imaginative, novelettes that make me visualize and feel every beautiful, luxurious detail every single week. She has gotten even more creative, because she made a poll with outfit suggestions from other bloggers for what Aimee, one of the girls, would be wearing on her Valentines date. I opted for either a red Valentino or Lanvin dress, which you can see via Sandy's poll. Aimee will be illustrated in the winning outfit, how fabulous is that? I'd say head over, dream away with the novelette and cast your vote!

Lastly the incredible fashion illustration in the living room above is made by Bil Donovan.

Images via St. Regis, seen on How To Spend It


  1. Love this Dior suite, Christel ... and at such a lovely place, the St. Regis! {one of the Ooh La Frou Frou City Girls (Cherie) has a fantasy apartment in the St. Regis!} ... I mean, if I'm going to create a girl's fantasy, it might as well be fabulous, right? Lol Love your beautiful blog, Christel.

    And congratulations, sweets, for winning the print giveaway and thank you for your fabulous suggestion on Aimee's glamorous date dress! ;)

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  2. I would love to stay here! Thing is, I wouldn't want to leave! :)

    Congrats for winning the fabulous print, Christel. I know you will display it well.


  3. It really is gorgeous. I love that shade of grey very much, it's so... Paris and Dior.

  4. All those grey shades are so beautiful and elegant! Congrats for winning the print. Sandy's illustrations are lovely. I'm sure you'll find a perfect place for it in your home office. xo

  5. This Dior suite is stunning! The decor is so perfectly Dior! I'm so going to think of it the next time I walk by the St. Regis.
    Congratulations on winning that gorgeous print from Sandy! You are a lucky girl indeed!

    Rena & Ian thank you for your sweet comment :)

  6. So gorgeous. I agree, I don't think Dior can do anything wrong. Beautiful design.

    Congrats on winning the print. =)


  7. Wow, I'm speechless. It really is gorgeous! Wish I could be that lucky girl.

  8. Oh what a stunning suite - so perfectly Dior too with beautiful touches like the Louis style sofa and chandelier. The artwork is exquisite too xx

  9. I want really badly to live there... Daydreaming!

  10. this is an amazing space....so luxe!

  11. If I would step into that Dior suit I'd never want to leave! The living room part is gorgeous. That settee, the ottoman and the desk ... sigh!

    Congrats on your poster, it looks fabulous ;-)

  12. Oh, my goodness. This is something to dream about, isn't it? And Paris, you'll be there SOON! Congrats on winning the giveaway – I love Sandy's Frou Frou girls.


  13. It is a gorgeous suite...every single inch of this space was so well thought out and designed in reverence to the House of Dior. I am so honored to have the opportunity to create images to reflect that magnificent legacy. Thank you for the lovely comment.

    Bil Donovan